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Hard On Oral Jelly

Hard On Oral Jelly
is supplied in 1 strengths:

Hard-On Oral Jelly is an easy to use jelly form of generic Viagra. Available in several tasty flavors (Cherry, Orange, Lemon, Mango,Mint, Strawberry , Pineapple), Hard-On Oral Jelly is a tastier alternative to regular pills.

Hard On Oral Jelly 100mg

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Why it is used

Hard-On Oral Jelly is an easy to use jelly form of generic Viagra. Available in several tasty flavors (Cherry, Orange, Lemon, Mango,Mint, Strawberry , Pineapple), Hard-On Oral Jelly is a tastier alternative to regular pills

It is manufactured by Aurochem, India’s leading Pharmaceutical company.

Using Hard-On Oral Jelly

Your doctor/healthcare provider will give you complete and comprehensive details about using Hard-On Oral Jelly. If you haven’t received instructions, then check the patient information booklet.

Hard-On Oral Jelly is known to work differently for different people. So the time duration in which it starts to work may differ from person to person.

In most cases though, it is best when taken 30 minutes prior to having sex.

Hard-On Oral Jelly will be in the body for up to 4 to 6 hours.

Instructions for Missed Dosage

Hard-On Oral Jelly is only required if you wish to indulge in sexual intercourse. It is not to be taken regularly. So, there is no chance of a missed dosage problem.

But if you forgot to take the medication before having sexual intercourse, then you can take it as soon as you remember it. You must wait for the right amount of time until Hard-On Oral Jelly is absorbed in your body.

Storage instructions for Hard-On Oral Jelly

Medications should possibly be stored at room temperature (59 and 86 degrees F) in its original container. Avoid storing it in places with excessive moisture or direct exposure to heat or light.

Keep in a safe place away from pets and children.

What are the overdose symptoms?

You must seek emergency medical care if you consume more than the permitted dosage.
Safety Information/ Warning Precautions

Before you begin therapy, meet your health care provider and discuss in detail your past and current medical history. Include any allergic reactions you have to medicines or food.

Also include a list of over-the-counter medications you are taking, including herbal pills, dietary supplements and prescription drugs.

I have certain health complications. Should I avoid Hard-On Oral Jelly?

Does your cardiac health restrict you from indulging in vigorous exercise of any sort? Then you must avoid sexual activity also.

Hard-On Oral Jelly is restricted to you if you have a history of cardiac problems or bad heart health.

While indulging in sexual activity, if you notice symptoms like chest, shoulder, neck, or jaw pain; numbness of an arm or leg; severe dizziness, headache, nausea, stomach pain, or vomiting; fainting; or vision changes, then it might be an indication of a heart attack. Stop immediately and seek emergency medical care.

Hard-On Oral Jelly is also not allowed for people with one or more of the following conditions:

Liver disease
Kidney disease (or if you are on dialysis)
A blood cell disorder such as sickle cell anemia, multiple myeloma, or leukemia
A bleeding disorder such as hemophilia
A stomach ulcer; retinitis pigmentosa (an inherited condition of the eye), a physical deformity of the penis (such as Peyronie's disease)

I drink regularly/occassionally. Is alcohol restricted?

While alcohol usage may not directly interfere with the working of the medication, doctors do not recommend using alcohol as it is a muscle relaxant.

Some patients also experience mild giddiness or drowsiness when they first use Hard-On Oral Jelly. This will fade away as the body starts to adjust to the medication.

If you experience this, then you must avoid undertaking tasks that require an alert mind. Driving, handling heavy machinery etc should be avoided.

If you notice any of these signs, then sit down or lie down immediately.

I have been prescribed certain medications. Can it cause unwanted reactions with Hard-On Oral Jelly?

Hard-On Oral Jelly can react adversely when taken simultaneously with certain medications. The reactions can be mild in nature or extremely severe.

These medications include:

Nitrates in any form (Ointments, patches, pills). This includes any and all medications containing nitrates including Nitrostat, Nitrolingual, Nitro-Dur, Nitro-Bid, Minitran, Deponit, Transderm-Nitro, Dilatrate-SR, Isordil, Sorbitrate, sosorbide mononitrate (Imdur, ISMO, Monoket).
Recreational pills called poppers.
Bosentan (Tracleer);
A blood thinner such as warfarin (Coumadin);
Cimetidine (Tagamet, Tagamet HB);
An antibiotic such as erythromycin (E-Mycin, Eryc, Ery-Tab) or clarithromycin (Biaxin);
Doxazosin (Cardura), prazosin (Minipress), Terazosin (Hytrin);
HIV medicines such as amprenavir (Agenerase), tipranavir (Aptivus), darunavir (Prezista), efavirenz (Sustiva), nevirapine (Viramune), indinavir (Crixivan), saquinavir (Invirase, Fortovase), lopinavir/ritonavir (Kaletra), fosamprenavir (Lexiva), ritonavir (Norvir), atazanavir (Reyataz), or nelfinavir (Viracept);
An antifungal medication such as itraconazole (Sporanox) or ketoconazole (Nizoral);
Carbamazepine (Tegretol), phenobarbital (Luminal), or phenytoin (Dilantin); or
Rifampin (Rifadin, Rimactane) or rifabutin (Mycobutin).

Additional Important Information while using Hard-On Oral Jelly

If you experience an erection that lasts for more than 6 hours, then you should seek emergency medical care. This erection may occur randomly after taking the medication and will not subside even after you have sex. It may cause permanent damage to your penile tissues.

The usage of other similar ED medications may intensify the side effects and hence should be avoided completely while using Hard-On Oral Jelly.

It has been noticed that patients over the age of 65 are more prone to the side effects of Hard-On Oral Jelly. Hence, caution should be exercised in them while using Hard-On Oral Jelly.

Hard-On Oral Jelly must not be used in children or women.

Very Important Information

Hard-On Oral Jelly is not a protective barrier against sexually transmitted diseases like HIV. For that, you must always practice safe sex techniques. Speak to your doctor for more details.

Information for pregnant women/expecting/lactating Mothers

Hard-On Oral Jelly is an oral therapy for curing male impotency. If you are a woman of childbearing age/pregnant/lactating already, then speak to your health care providers to discuss the potential risk it poses to your unborn/newborn baby.

It may even be secreted in the breast milk. So speak to your health care provider about this.
Side Effects

Every medication takes time to adjust with the body and may show certain side effects that fade away as the body adjusts to Hard-On Oral Jelly. These include

Stuffy nose
Upset stomach
Stuffy nose
Upset stomach

But if these side effects do not go away by themselves or become bothersome, then seek medical attention.
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Hard On Oral Jelly Grand Prairie
Hard On Oral Jelly Grand Prairie
Hard On Oral Jelly Grand Prairie


Don't have ED but asked the DR for a sample and a scrip. Bought on-line from India and think the quality is the same as USA sample. 100mg cut in half costs less than $3 per dose. This stuff is amazing! I have had problems lasting more than 5 minutes, now I can control ejaculation for over an hour until I sense she's ready to finish. Like I said...amazing. Most times I get flushed face within 15 minutes of taking it and a bit of a stuffy nose. Ready to rock in an hour. When done, wait a few and am ready to go again. Did I mention that this stuff is amazing?
Mark lenox:
At Last!! I take Viagra for about 3 years now. It has been proven to be highly effective. At last, after almost 5 years, I can act like a "normal" man. That is: it seems like I am again 20 years of age (I am 47). Take it, it helps.comes around so I'm not worried. Thanks a lot for this amazing product.

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